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In Office Crowns – Richmond, VA

Cracked your tooth while eating and need a crown? Not a problem at A Healthy Smile we can design and mill your crown in one day in most cases.
At A Healthy Smile, we understand how valuable your time is. Part of our commitment is having the latest technology, which provides us with more effective and efficient treatment methods, cutting down your time in our dental chair. As one of the only practices in the area with a Glidewell system, we’re proud to provide same-day dental crowns in North Chesterfield.
The Glidewell is an advanced technology that utilizes digital dentistry to produce same-day restorations. With traditional crowns, you’d come in for your first appointment, have your tooth prepared, and then have a goopy putty placed in your mouth to take impressions. Your impression would then be mailed off to a lab to be designed, manufactured, and mailed back. It could take several weeks from the initial impression to the seating the permanent crown.
However, thanks to our Glidewell system, the entire process is streamlined into a single visit. We will take super precise digital scans that are sent to our in-office milling machine, which creates your dental crown—no need for an additional visit!
Once we schedule your appointment, you’ll come in to see Dr. Hall. She will begin by preparing the affected tooth. Next, digital scans are taken of the area, which are used to create a 3D digital model of your tooth. Our advanced technology allows us to customize your dental crown based on this model to match your desired results. Once this information is sent to our milling machine, it will create your personalized restoration in about an hour. All that’s left to do is for Dr. Hall to place it to complete your seamless and strong smile.
We offer same-day dental crowns because of the many advantages they allow our patients to enjoy, including:
  • Accuracy: Even though our crowns are only made in about an hour, the Glidewell System provides incredibly precise accuracy for superior results.
  • Convenience: Instead of juggling two separate dental appointments (at minimum), our same-day crowns are created and placed in the same day! Plus, you won’t have to keep up with a temporary restoration.
  • Durability: Just because our crowns are made quickly doesn’t mean they don’t last. The mills in full hardness and crowns can last 7-10years.
  • Comfort: Digital scans mean you won’t have to deal with messy or foul-tasting putty in your mouth.

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