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No Insurance? No Problem!

Paying for dental care doesn’t have to break the bank or give you a headache. At A Healthy Smile, we have specifically designed Dental Club Memberships to offer you top-notch dental care without the complexity or high cost of conventional insurance. Our memberships are exclusive to our practice, offering an attractive alternative for our uninsured patients.

Whatever your dental needs, one of our A Healthy Smile Dental Club Memberships is sure to fit the bill. Say goodbye to the obstacles standing between you and the dental care you deserve. Choose your membership today!

Preventative Club
This plan is perfect for those who aim for regular preventative maintenance. Ideal for individuals with good oral health needing basic preventative care throughout the year.
  • Two Periodic Exams ($60 each)
  • Two Cleanings/Prophy ($85 each)
  • Probing ($0)
  • First and Second PA X-Rays ($22 and $19)
  • Bitewings X-Ray ($72)
  • Comprehensive Exam ($90)
Comprehensive Club
Recommended for individuals who not only need basic preventative care but are also interested in comprehensive oral evaluation and cosmetic options like teeth whitening.
  • All procedures from the Preventative Club
  • Panoramic/FMX X-Ray ($200)
  • CBCT ($275)
  • Diagnostic Cast and Whitening Trays ($200)
  • 20% discount on other procedures.
Perio Maintenance Club
Ideal for individuals who have undergone periodontal treatment and require more intensive, ongoing maintenance.
  • All procedures from the Comprehensive Club
  • Vertical Bitewings X-Ray ($154)
  • Multiple Periodontal Maintenance Sessions ($110 each)
  • Various Specialized Perio Treatments
  • 20% discount on other procedures.
Periodontal Club
Designed for those with more serious periodontal issues that require extensive treatments, such as full mouth debridement, scaling, and root planing.
  • All procedures from the Perio Maintenance Club
  • Multiple Scaling and Root Planing sessions ($281 per quad)
  • Multiple Periodontal Maintenance/Probing sessions ($110 each)
  • 20% discount on other procedures.

AHS Dental Memberships

Patients get great care at an affordable price.

  • Access simple, affordable, and personalized care
  • Gain benefits immediately upon sign-up
  • Bypass the costs and hassles of insurance—no deductibles, waiting periods, claims denials or paperwork

Dental membership plans bypass middleman insurance companies and allow dentists to offer direct care to their uninsured patients. Our AHS Dental membership plan solution creates a mutually beneficial relationship between dentists and their patients. Patients access the comprehensive oral care they need in a simple, affordable, and personalized way. And, by making it easier for patients to get the care they need.

Dental membership plans are simple–without waiting periods, deductibles, or claims denials. Member fees are paid by patients directly to the practice and cover routine cleanings, exams and routine x-rays…as well as a discount on any other dental services that AHS offers.

Dental membership plans are a perfect dental coverage solution for uninsured patients. Our AHS Dental membership is simple, affordable, and transparent. Hundreds of value conscious AHS patients have either a Dental membership, Family Dental Membership, or Perio Membership. No insurance, no problem. Get your Dental membership today!

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